ACHEIVEMENTS in construction of PUBLIC USEFUL projects:

2017 – present

Contract Engineer / Construction Supervisor “Renovation of railway station PKP in Skawina” – Investor UMiG Skawina, Building signed in monument register;

2012 – present

substitute investor in conversion and construction supervisor Revitalization of the historic “Mieroszewscy’ Palace” in Mysłowice street Bytomska 18c as a Conferential – Learning Center with gastronomic facilities – Investor Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych in Katowice; Building signed in monument register;

2016 – 2017

construction supervision “Construction of the BREMA office and commercial building with underground carpark” in Katowice Roździeńskiego Street (area ca. 8 100 m2) – Investor BREAM Sp. z o.o. Katowice;

2014 – 2015

construction supervision on the project „Revitalization of Municipal Park in Ornontowice”, Investor Municipality Ornontowice; Building signed in monument register;

2014 – 2015

construction supervision on the project „Execution of Fire Safety Protections in public useful building on the corner of the streets Warszawska 4/ Teatralna 7 in Katowice”, Investor KZGM Katowice;

2014 – 2014

construction supervision on the project ”Complex site development investment in the northern part of the Zabrze city – cutting down trees – Stage I and Stage II.”

2012 - 2013

Contract Engineer: „Revitalization of Połomia Center” (general overhaul of the
old rectory with adaptation to the cultural center, construction of the building for the Volunteer Fire Service, the locker room at the court, the scene with the facilities, modernization of the drainage) – Investor Mszana Municipality; Building signed in monument register;

2012 – 2012

construction supervision of project: “Delivery and site assembly of fountain in park place near to Dworcowa/Kopalniana street in Knurów”;

2011 - 2013

construction supervision of general overhaul and expansion of the district headquarters of the State Fire Service in Mikołów,

2010 - 2011

substitute investor in conversion of a office building and construction of an auxiliary building of the Custom House in Bielsko Biala, ul. Regera (usable area ​​about 3 000 m2) – Investor Customs Chamber in Katowice;

2009 - 2010

substitute investor and construction supervision  of adaptation and major renovation of company COMEF headquarters in Katowice Ligota;

practical experience in management and organization of investment processes and business


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